Palewell Lodge

Palewell Lodge was one of the first of the large houses built in Stonehill, one of the ancient common fields of Mortlake. It was an 18th century residence and stood, together with outbuildings, west of Park Drive in the grounds stretching from Palewell Pond to the site of All Saints' Church. The house was approached by a fine avenue of elms, now East Sheen Avenue, which led to the top of Tittlebury Hill. In 1896 the sale of nearly 50 acres of the Palewell estate heralded the beginning of East Sheen as we know it today. Three generations of the Gilpin family had owned Palewell Lodge since the early years of the century, though they had not lived there for thirty years, and they now decided to sell. The purchaser was Herbert Shepherd Cross MP, who bought the land for development, and within a few years 150 houses had been built in Palewell Park from the Upper Richmond Road to Vicarage Road. The house itself was pulled down in 1925.