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Cromwell House front cover

The Story of Cromwell House at Mortlake

Helen Deaton

This book, the result of careful research by Helen Deaton, tells the story of Cromwell House, its residents and the lives they lived in Mortlake over a period of some 500 years. The first half centres on the old house constructed in the late 15th century, its development over the centuries and the individuals who were associated with it from the Williams family and Thomas Cromwell, the Blackwell family and Oliver Cromwell, Sir Charles Howard, Edward Colston the slave-trading philanthropist and the wealthy Aynscombe family. This old house was demolished in 1857 to make way for a new building which became uniquely associated with James Wigan the brewer. He built a Victorian villa in the grounds of the old house facing onto the River Thames. James Wigan lived there with his family until the early 20th century. This house was, in turn, demolished in 1947.


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