The Market Gardens of Barnes and Mortlake

There was time when market gardens were ubiquitous throughout Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen, far outweighing the importance of more well-known industries such as brewing, tapestry-weaving and potteries.

First published in 1985, The Market Gardens of Barnes and Mortlake, written by Maisie Brown, founder member and past chairman of the society, lifted the veil on this quintessential local industry and would become a seminal work on the subject.

This new edition benefits from a picturesque new cover, colourful maps throughout and some new images. Readers will be introduced to the names of local families who would become household names, the huge variety of crops grown locally and their daily pilgrimage from market garden to Covent Garden. Who would have known asparagus was once prolific and strawberry growers flourished on small holdings off Castelnau. Maisie Brown’s book offers a wealth of additional insights.

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