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925 Barnes given to Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's by King Athelstan
1086 Domesday Book records the manor of Mortlake as having land sufficient for 35 ploughs and the smaller manor of Barnes enough for six ploughs.
1206 King John visits the manor at Mortlake. The manor house, on the older part of the brewery site, was in the possession of the Archbishops of Canterbury from the 11th to the 16th centuries.
1348 Archbishop John Stratford granted a licence to build a chapel on a piece of ground in Berecroft for "the tenants of Estshene and Mortelak, who are far distance from their parish church"
1415 Death of Sir William de Milbourne whose house stood opposite Barnes Pond on the site of the present Milbourne House
1536 Archbishop Thomas Cranmer gives the Manor of Mortlake to Henry VIII who grants it to Thomas Cromwell
1538 Thomas Cromwell orders all parish churches to keep registers of baptisms, marriages and burials
1543 Henry VIII grants the Manor of Mortlake to his sixth wife, Katherine Parr. He retains the manor house for his own use
1543 Henry orders Mortlake Parish Church to be moved from the manor house to its present site
1554 Thomas Wyatt is executed for treason following a rebellion against Mary Tudor. His freehold of Milbourne House reverts to the Crown
1566 John Dee comes to Mortlake
1580 Barm Elms estate is acquired by Elizabeth I who grants it to Sir Francis Walsingham
1619 Tapestry works opens at Mortlake
1637 Richmond Park is enclosed including 732 acres of Mortlake
1660 Restoration of monarchy. Barn Elms restored to St.Paul's
1665 Plague! 200 die in Mortlake; 18 in Barnes
1703 Kit Cat Club moves to a house on the Barn Elms estate
1703 Mortlake Tapestry works close
1720 Large houses start to be built on Barnes Terrace
1758 Barnes poorhouse is converted to a workhouse
1776 Thames freezes over at Mortlake
1778 New workhouse erected in Queen's Ride
1827 First Hammersmith Bridge opens
1828 William Cobbett leases Barn Elms Farm
1831 Cholera outbreak in Mortlake
1845 First University Boat Race on the Putney to Mortlake course
1846 Railway comes to Barnes and Mortlake
1849 Barnes railway bridge opens
1884 Ranelagh Club moves to Barn Elms
1887 New Hammersmith Bridge opens
1888 Cowan's sugar works, on the site of Harrod's depository, is destroyed by fire
1892 Richmond takes over 329 acres (North Sheen) from Mortlake
1894 Barnes and Mortlake combine to form Barnes Urban District Council
1906 First motorised bus service from Mortlake and Barnes to London
1928 Foundation stone of All Saints Church is laid by the Duchess of York, later Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
1932 Barnes becomes a borough (including Mortlake and East Sheen)
1933 Chiswick Bridge opens
1955 Barnes and Mortlake History Society founded
1965 Barnes and Mortlake become part of the new London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames
1968 St Paul's School moves to Lonsdale Road, Barnes
1978 St Mary's Church, Barnes is gutted by fire
1993 Barn Elms reservoirs close; Wildfowl Sanctuary opens on site in 2000
2014 Mortlake Brewery's last brew before closing